Scagliola Walls

With expertise in a variety of techniques that cover the application, creation and installation, our service for walls provides a distinct and refined finish.

Scagliola has been used to provide sumptuous wall coverings since its origins in the late renaissance.  It can appear as panels with expressed joints designed to imitate marble slabs, as seamless monolithic surfaces, and perhaps most stunningly, as a combination of panels, inlays and mouldings in contrasting colours.

Because it is lighter than marble, scagliola can also be used for soffits and ceilings, and its versatility as a material that can be cast or applied in situ makes it ideal for producing curved and irregularly shaped marble surfaces.

Hayles and Howe have considerable expertise in this area; covering a variety of techniques, from in situ application directly to walls, to the creation of large floor-to-ceiling panels made in the workshop and invisibly seamed on site.

Inlaid work is one of the glories of scagliola and Hayles and Howe are always excited by the challenge of finding ways to use this technique in conjunction with wall panelling to create a series of grand and unique interiors for clients here in the UK and the USA.

Working together the skilled Hayles and Howe scagliola teams have been able to manufacture and install some stunning scagliola walls on both sides of the Atlantic.