Wall Friezes & Ceiling Plates


These beautifully crafted fibrous plaster frieze plates have been designed to complement a wide range of cornices and may be used to add an extra special touch to any room. In some cases frieze plates can also be invaluable in helping to break up large expanses of wall or ceiling. In a wide range of over fifty decorative frieze plates Hayles and Howe have tried to provide as many options as possible.

Our wide range of plates can be used in conjunction with cornices as shown in section one, with most of them being able to be used as either frieze (wall) or ceiling plate. For other fibrous plaster products that serve a similar function, see our Panel Mouldings.

If you need help choosing the right frieze plate for your project please phone or email one of our helpful sales staff for more advice and information.

To buy from our range of Wall Friezes & Ceiling Plates you can click here, or alternatively you can download the Hayles and Howe Product Catalogue here.

All Items are delicate and will be hand delivered. A member of the team will contact you, the buyer after an order is placed to quote for delivery. Alternatively please telephone 0117 972 7200 for delivery information before placing an order.
CodeProduct NameDownload PDF
FP1Honeysuckle Frieze  Download
FP2Roman Scroll Plate  Download
FP3Vine Scroll Frieze & Plate  Download
FP4Anthemion Plate  Download
FP5Large Fruit Scroll Frieze & Plate  Download
FP6Harvest Flowers Plate  Download
FP7Small Fruit Scroll Plate  Download
FP8Flower Banding Frieze & Plate  Download
FP9Floral Scroll Plate  Download
FP10Ivy Scroll Plate  Download
FP11Laurel Leaf Frieze & Plate  Download
FP12Victorian Leaf & Flower Frieze & Plate  Download
FP13Diamond Frieze & Plate  Download
FP14French Regency Frieze & Plate  Download
FP15Flower Plate & Frieze  Download
FP16Flower Scroll Plate  Download
FP17Scroll Plate  Download
FP18Flower Guilloche Plate  Download
FP19Leaf Guillouche Plate  Download
FP20Flute & Sphere Frieze & Plate  Download
FP21Lattice Frieze & Plate  Download
FP22Tudor Frieze  Download
FP23French Scroll Frieze  Download
FP24Georgian Gryphon Frieze  Download
FP25Urn & Flowers Frieze  Download
FP26Anthemoion & Fluer De Lys Panel Plate  Download
FP27Tudor Plate  Download
FP28Floral Scroll Panel  Download
FP29Guilloche Frieze & Plate  Download
FP30Victorian Leaf & Flower Frieze  Download
FP31Fluted Frieze  Download
FP32Lyre Frieze  Download
FP34Acanthus Scroll Frieze  Download
FP35Tulip & Scroll Frieze  Download
FP36French Plate  Download
FP37Ribbon & Husk Flourish Frieze  Download
FP38Swag & Drop Frieze  Download
FP39Lupin Leaf Plate  Download
FP40Olympic Band Plate  Download
FP41Daisy & Leaf Strapwork Rib Plate  Download
FP42Anthemion & Acanthus Plate  Download
FP43Floral Scroll Plate  Download
FP44Regent Flower Plate  Download
FP45Deco Fluted Frieze  Download
FP46Flower Scroll Plate  Download
FP47French Double Scroll Plate  Download
FP48Floral Meander  Download
FP49Plain Vitruvian Frieze  Download
FP50Guilloche & Spring Flowers Plate  Download
FP51Adam Flower & Leaf Rings with Lower Flutes  Download
FP52Adam Anthemion Wall Plate  Download
FP53Olive Leaf Plate  Download
FP54Medieval Animal Frieze Plate  Download