Our Story

Hayles and Howe is an International company which was established in Bristol, England in 1978 by David Hayles to specialise in the manufacture of ornamental plaster and scagliola.

In 1992 following the successful completion of some major projects in the USA and with more projects in the offing the directors decided to create Hayles and Howe, Inc which is based in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Today the two companies work internationally, for both small, private and large, prestigious projects,  working in both traditional fibrous plaster as well as in the specialist field of scagliola allows the companies to provide their clientele with a wide range of skills, design specifications and expertly finished products of high quality.

David Harrison is the Managing Director of Hayles and Howe Ltd and the President of Hayles and Howe, Inc.  Graham Banks is the Vice President of Hayles and Howe, Inc.

As the companies expanded so did the development and innovation of a wide range of skills. Restoration and conservation accompanied by high standards of quality have enabled the companies to work on highly prestigious projects including Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, The Royal Opera House, Botley’s Mansion in the Uk and The Union Station, Kansas, Central Station, New York City and The France-Merrick Performing Arts Centre – The Baltimore Hippodrome, Allen County Courthouse and the Tremont Grand in North Charles Street, Baltimore to name a few successful projects in the USA.