Commercial Restoration & Conservation

Hayles and Howe restore fibrous plasterwork on any scale ranging from the simplest cornice to entire ceilings, paying careful attention to detail in order to produce work of the highest quality. By definition their work in this field involves fabric of historic importance and its long-term preservation is a guiding principle.

Safety, care and quality are paramount to Hayles and Howe when involved in the reconstruction of any plasterwork too its original. Depending on the project an initial survey is carried out to establish the condition of the plasterwork and its supporting structure, from which a full report is prepared. The report includes recommendations for the consolidation and projected management of the project.

As the majority of conservation work is carried out in buildings which are open to the public, Hayles and Howe are used to producing programmes to accommodate tight schedules and budget.

Hayles and Howe are adept in the reconstruction of damaged plasterwork as required to its original this can be done from photographs and careful research. The company has successfully completed exquisite restoration projects using only charred remains following severe fire damage.

If you would like more information or help regarding a conservation or restoration project please phone or email the Hayles and Howe team.