Scagliola Pedestals & Plinths

Scagliola plinths and pedestals provide a traditional setting for sculpture, ceramics and floral displays.  They are also considered to be works of art in their own right.

Scagliola has always been a popular material for pedestals and plinths and Hayles and Howe are often asked to supply them to museums, galleries and private homes.

Apart from the traditional round half columns; which are built on a core and then turned on a lathe Hayles and Howe are also able to supply bespoke shapes and sizes for different situations. With a variety of classically designed stock pedestal and plinth moulds it is possible to offer differing colour combinations of scagliola panelling.

Scagliola can be beautifully coloured and figured for any project please call USA or UK for more details, each enquiry receives individual attention.