Scagliola Niches

Niches provide a fine example of the versatility that scagliola offers. This unique material can be used to form a variety of intricate and complex shapes that elegantly complete a design scheme.

Since classical times the niche has been a popular architectural feature, used to give articulation and focus to wall surfaces. In addition, niches provide an ideal setting for the display of sculpture and objets d’art.

To create a hollowed-out concave shape from solid marble is costly in terms of materials, where so much of the block is lost. In the case of rare or semi-precious stones such as Siena Brocatelle and Porphyry, the sourcing of these materials in sufficient size and quality is often impossible. Scagliola, with its versatility in terms of shape and colour, provides an ideal solution.

Niches are a good example of how scagliola can be cast from moulds to produce forms that are difficult in real marble. In the same way, it can also be used to make light-weight arches, consoles and corbels, and a variety of other complex shapes.