Miscellaneous Enrichments


Hayes & Howe boast a huge collection of miscellaneous enrichments which can easily be re-created from existing moulds.

Ideas for custom-made plasterwork are taken on board with enthusiasm and crafted in our workshops by our skilled workforce of master craftsmen.

To buy from our range of Miscellaneous Enrichments please visit our shop by clicking here, or download the Hayles and Howe Product Catalogue here for more information.

All Items are delicate and will be hand delivered. A member of the team will contact you, the buyer after an order is placed to quote for delivery. Alternatively please telephone 0117 972 7200 for delivery information before placing an order.
CodeProduct NameDownload PDF
E201Enrichment  Download
E202Enrichment  Download
E203Enrichment  Download
E204Enrichment  Download
E205Stair End  Download
E206Enrichment  Download
E207Enrichment  Download
E208Enrichment  Download
E209Enrichment  Download
E210Enrichment  Download
E211Enrichment  Download
E212Enrichment  Download
E213Ladies Head  Download
E214Flower 1  Download
E215Flower 2  Download
E216Flower 3  Download
E217Flower 4  Download
E218Enrichment  Download
E219Enrichment  Download
E220Enrichment  Download
E221Shell 1  Download
E222Shell 2  Download
E223Art Deco Shell  Download
E224Fan Shell  Download
E225Shell 3  Download
E226Heraldic Shield with Roses  Download
E227Heraldic Shield  Download
E228Fleur De Lys Shield  Download
E229Lion and Shell Shield  Download
E230Lion and Fleur De Lys Shield  Download
E231Heraldic Lion Shield  Download
E232Three Lions Shield  Download
E233Adam Urn  Download
E234Adam Large Urn  Download