Residential Lath & Lime

Hayles and Howe are specialists in the use of lime plaster and have been involved in many prestigious lime restoration and conservation projects. The use of lime as a building material has been dated to 5600 BC and is therefore a tradition worth preserving. When approaching a new lime plaster project Hayles and Howe are more than happy to visit a site at the pre-contract stage under their consultancy umbrella; this involves a thoroughly researched approach and written report if required.

Conservation work includes securing failing historic plaster coats to existing backgrounds, patch repairs and replacing failed, external renders with new. The experienced teams can successfully apply successive coats of haired lime plaster, whether applied to lath, brick or stone background.

Hayles and Howe are experienced in completing both small and large complex projects, working closely with conservation bodies, clients and main contractors to restore properties to their original atmospheric and timeless beauty. Lime plaster work undertaken includes; running of cornices in-situ to match existing as well as repairing architraves, sills and over windows.

All lime plaster projects, small or large are given the same high attention to detail, so please contact the Hayles and Howe staff for more information.