Cornices & Crown Mouldings


Hayles and Howe have a standard range of over one hundred cornices covering a wide selection of styles to complement any room or decor. From beautiful and historic Georgian and Victorian designs to more modern styles there is something available to suit every style and budget. Many of our cornices can be further enriched with a frieze plate and complemented by a central Ceiling Rose.

With a knowledgeable design team the company is happy to help and advise customers to satisfy their design needs. For owners of properties where an existing cornice has been damaged or sections removed, Hayles and Howe are specialists in replicating, repairing and making good any existing decorative plasterwork.

If you need help choosing the right cornice or crown moulding for your project please phone or email one of our helpful sales staff for more advice and information.

To buy from our standard range of Cornices & Crown Mouldings please visit our shop by clicking here, or download the Hayles and Howe Product Catalogue for a browse of our products. Order up to three samples free of charge.

Discounts for orders over 10 lengths 

  • Buy 10 lengths and save 10%
  • Buy 20 lengths and save 15%
  • Buy 30 lengths and save 20%
All Items are delicate and will be hand delivered. A member of the team will contact you, the buyer after an order is placed to quote for delivery. Alternatively please telephone 0117 972 7200 for delivery information before placing an order.
CodeProduct NameDownload PDF
HH01Egg & Dart  Download
HH02Green Key  Download
HH03Islamic  Download
HH04Small Vine Scroll  Download
HH05Small Water Leaf  Download
HH06Plain Victorian  Download
HH07Egg & Dart  Download
HH08Egg & Dart  Download
HH09Egg & Dart  Download
HH10Shell & Dart  Download
HH11Simple Georgian  Download
HH12Plain Georgian  Download
HH13Simple Reeded Georgian  Download
HH13BDouble Sized Simple Reeded Georgian  Download
HH14Small French Leaf  Download
HH15Single Greville Cove  Download
HH16Simple Cove  Download
HH17Double Greville Cove  Download
HH18French Cove  Download
HH19Plain Victorian Cove  Download
HH20Plain Victorian  Download
HH21Small Dentil  Download
HH22Leaf & Dart  Download
HH23Fluted Frieze  Download
HH24Lattice  Download
HH25Deco Dentil  Download
HH26Plain Running  Download
HH27Leaf & Dart  Download
HH28Egg & Dart  Download
HH29Plain Running  Download
HH30Georgian Double Leaf  Download
HH31Ribbons & Roses  Download
HH32Leaf & Shell Banding  Download
HH33Plain Running  Download
HH34Running Cove  Download
HH3585mm Running Cove  Download
HH36Plain Running  Download
HH37Plain Running  Download
HH38Plain Cove  Download
HH39Plain Victorian  Download
HH4014th Century Ottoman  Download
HH41Islamic  Download
HH42Virginia Leaf  Download
HH43Egg & Dart Cove  Download
HH44Deco Double Curve  Download
HH45Double Deco Curve  Download
HH46Art Deco Three-Step  Download
HH47Lattice Cove  Download
HH48Georgian Dentil  Download
HH49Small Enriched Georgian  Download
HH50Plain Georgian  Download
HH51Reeded Georgian  Download
HH52Daisy & Leaf  Download
HH53Large Waterleaf  Download
HH54Tongue & Dart  Download
HH55Large Egg & Dart  Download
HH56Tudor Strap  Download
HH57Scroll Frieze  Download
HH58Plain Running  Download
HH59Running Cove  Download
HH60Small Enriched Cove  Download
HH61Plain Running with Ceiling Trace  Download
HH62Victorian Running  Download
HH63Acanthus Leaf  Download
HH64Straight Leaf  Download
HH65Georgian Plain Running  Download
HH66Pampas Grass  Download
HH67Wood Leaf Banding  Download
HH68French Regency Plate with Acanthus Leaves  Download
HH69Anthemion & Urn Scroll  Download
HH70Plain Georgian  Download
HH71Large Plain Dentil  Download
HH72Georgian Enriched Dentil  Download
HH73Large Enriched Georgian  Download
HH74Running Georgian  Download
HH75Simple Cove  Download
HH76Anthemion And Fleur De Lys  Download
HH77large Regency Anthemion  Download
HH78Tudor Strapwork Cove  Download
HH79Canted Strapwork  Download
HH80Arched Gothic  Download
HH81French Leaf and Fruit Scroll  Download
HH82Large Plain Running  Download
HH83French Leaf with French Leaf  Download
HH84Georgian Gryphon with Double Leaf  Download
HH85Country Georgian  Download
HH86Prince of Wales  Download
HH87Regency Block  Download
HH88Georgian Large Enriched Cove  Download
HH89Tongue & Dart with Vine Scroll  Download
HH90Tongue & Dart with Roman Scroll  Download
HH91Tongue & Dart with Anthemion Ceiling Plate  Download
HH101Tiverton Egg & Dart  Download
HH102French Leaf with French Leaf  Download
HH103Plain Running  Download
HH104Enriched Georgian  Download
HH105Lattice Cove  Download
HH106Fluted Enriched Cornice  Download
HH107Large Enriched Georgian Modillion Block  Download
HH108Large Enriched Gryphon  Download
HH109Straight Leaf with Egg & Dart  Download
HH110Enriched Dentil  Download
HH111Georgian with Dentil & Flute  Download
HH112Large Georgian with Egg and Dart  Download
HH113Large Mixed Exotica  Download