Scagliola Columns & Pilasters

Providing a specialist service in the manufacture of columns, pilasters, bases and capitals of any size required in both scagliola and fibrous plaster.

This service includes the design and manufacture of both plain and fluted columns and pilasters in scagliola or plaster. These may be of any height or style required and include an entasis (natural taper), based on the height of the column or pilaster. Classical Order rules are applied to the design unless otherwise instructed. Columns can be supplied in halves if necessary to clad steel or concrete support stanchions to which they can be securely fixed.

Capitals and bases can also be custom-made to any design, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian or Composite, using existing moulds or hand modelled from scratch. Enrichments to any design can be chosen from an extensive library of ornament.

Quotations for these items can be supplied on request.