Ceiling Roses & Medallions


Plain or decorative Ceiling Roses help to transform ceilings in all types of property, from public buildings to modern homes. Hayles and Howe’s beautifully crafted ceiling roses are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, from extremely decorative to plain spins.

They can transform the ceiling in any type of property and can be used in conjunction with panel mouldings to great effect. Our ceiling roses are specially adapted to complement any light fitting including a chandelier, lantern or simple lampshade.

We also specialise in creating individually crafted ceiling roses, which can be based on any ornamental details including a cornice already in-situ. Please contact our sales staff for further details of this service or any general enquiry regarding ceiling roses.

For further details of this service or any general enquiry including help to choose the right ceiling rose for your project please phone or email our sales staff for more advice and information.

To buy from our standard range of Ceiling Roses & Medallions please visit our shop by clicking here, or download the Hayles and Howe Product Catalogue here for more information.

All Items are delicate and will be hand delivered. A member of the team will contact you, the buyer after an order is placed to quote for delivery. Alternatively please telephone 0117 972 7200 for delivery information before placing an order.
Ceiling Roses & Medallions
CodeProduct NameDownload PDF
CE152 Inch 8-Leaf Acanthus Rose with Grape Ring - D: 1320mm, 52.0in  Download
CE224 Inch Victorian - D: 610mm, 24.0in  Download
CE319 Inch Victorian - D: 480mm, 19.0in  Download
CE421 Inch Fuchsia - D: 530mm, 21 in  Download
CE521 Inch French - D: 530mm, 21.0in  Download
CE621 Inch Oak Leaf - D: 530mm, 21.0in  Download
CE720 Inch Georgian Fan - D: 510mm, 20 in  Download
CE832 Inch Eight-Leaf Acanthus - D: 810mm, 32.0in  Download
CE932 Inch Six-Leaf Acanthus - D: 810mm, 32.0in  Download
CE1041 Inch Victorian - D: 1045mm, 41 in  Download
CE12Tudor - D: 200mm, 8.0in  Download
CE1326 Inch Victorian - D: 660mm, 26 in  Download
CE1936 Inch Octagonal Gothic With Hand Applied Leaves - D: 915mm, 36 in  Download
CE21Elliptical Georgian Fan - D: 1015 x 685mm, 40.0 x 27.0 in  Download
CE22Eight-Leaf Anthemion - D: 810mm, 32 in  Download
CE23Jubilee - D: 965mm, 38 in  Download
CE24Acanthus & Bead - D: 480mm, 19.0 in  Download
CE25Water Leaf & Bead - D: 490mm x 19.3 in  Download
CE28Acanthus Fan - D: 390mm, 15.3in  Download
CE30Plain Spin - D: 670mm, 26.4in  Download
CE31Large Leaf and Reed - D: 765mm, 30.0in  Download
CE32Wiltshire Acanthus - D: 1100mm, 43.3 in  Download
CE33Cotham Acanthus - D: 810mm, 32 in  Download
CE34Clifton Acanthus - D: 950mm, 37.4 in  Download
CE3523 Inch Six Leaf Acanthus - D: 584mm, 23 in  Download
CE36Pembroke Rose - D: 1097mm, 47.0in  Download
CR11Gothic Boss - D: 230mm, 9.0in  Download
CR14Ceiling Rose - D: 235mm, 9.3in  Download
CR15Ceiling Rose - D: 340mm, 13.5in  Download
CR16Ceiling Rose - D: 280mm, 11.0in  Download
CR17Ceiling Rose - D: 300mm, 12.0in  Download
CR1841 Inch Oriental - D: 1050mm, 41 in  Download
CR20Anthemion Fan - D: 385mm, 15.0in  Download
CR26Acanthus Ellipse - D: 630 x 313mm, 25 x 12.0 in  Download
CR27Ceiling Rose - D: 470mm, 18.5in  Download
CR29Sexfoil - D: 450mm, 17.8 in  Download