Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Robert Adams in Pueblo Colorado 4

Hayles and Howe are fans of the 18th Century Architect. And massive fans of the famous architect and designer Robert Adam. He brought a new grace, lightness and humour to both interiors and exteriors of buildings. So with a large collection of Adams books in the office in 2005 the company was delighted to be asked to re-create two complex Robert Adam interiors for a client in Colorado. Thus re-creating the interiors of the Great Library at Kenwood House and the Ante-room at Syon House, Middlesex.

The project facilitated all the Hayles and Howe skills in the UK and the USA. From the design and modelling through to manufacture of both ornamental plaster work and scagliola. Including the provision of printed copies of the Kenwood Library paintings by Antonio Zucchi with permission from English Heritage.



Pueblo Colorado Pueblo Colorado