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Lath and Lime Plaster Repairs

Hayles and Howe are specialists in the use of Lime Plaster and have been involved in many prestigious Lime Restoration and Conservation projects. The use of lime as a building material has been dated to 5600BC and is therefore a tradition worth preserving.  When approaching a new Lime Plaster project Hayles and Howe are more than happy to visit a site at the pre-contract stage under their consultancy umbrella this involves a thoroughly researched approach and written report if required.


Within this form of traditional restoration and preservation of historic plaster finishes Hayles and Howe offer the following:


  • Internal work includes securing existing historic plaster coats to failing backgrounds, patch repairs and crack filling, replacing rotten and perished laths with new laths and applying new coats of plaster render and finish, removing failed plaster over stonework and applying new coats to exposed areas that were once covered.

  • External work includes securing existing historic render coats to failing backgrounds, patch repairs, rendering over existing work to preserve layers of historic importance, replacing failed renders with new render coats.


Recent Lime Plaster Projects


All Saints Church, Barton upon Irwell, Manchester.   Hayles and Howe are at present working on a Lime and Lath Pugin decorated chancel in this lovely church. This Conservation project involves complicated in-situ ribs run into existing.


Greenways in Devon a National Trust Property. In this complex year long project Hayles and Howe worked closely with the Conservation Architect, client and main contractor to reproduce exquisite internal and external Lime Plaster finishes restoring the property to its original atmospheric and timeless beauty. The work also included the complex running in-situ of cornices to match existing. The facade pictured before and after required every architrave, sill and overwindow to be repaired and redressed to bring back the sharpness of the original scheme, most of which was hand ruled or run with small templates in-situ. This successful and prestigious project required the highest level of quality, workmanship and finish using only traditional methods and materials.



Arnos Vale - Anglican Chapel
An extensive Lime Plaster Restoration project


Hayles and Howe have successfully carried out extensive stablisation and replacement of ceilings and ornament in the Anglican Chapel within Bristol's Historic Cemetery at Arnos Vale.  The building is a Grade II* listed Victorian Chapel which lies at the heart of this lovely city.  The restoration required that only traditional methods were applied in the process of repair.  The Hayles and Howe assurance of high quality was absolutely paramount for this project ensuring a successful completion.

The extensive restoration was incredibly challenging for the workforce as it was essential to ensure that the badly eroded original finish was scraped back to give a consistant level for the sand and lime finish to be applied and finished without crazing.  The work included running in-situ, lime skimming the walls onto the original background material and scribing Ashlar lines while the lime plaster finish was still soft.  To restore the chapel to its former glories the team had to first clean all the surfaces and ornament of the chapel which ensured the success of this extensive project.


Hayles and Howe were delighted to be involved in this project as the Cemetery is of both local and International significance for its beautiful green spaces, listed buildings, chapels and monuments.


Victorian Chapel Ceiling - Before Restoration of Victorian Ceiling in Progress Completed Lime Plaster Cornices
Bay Window Plaster before Restoration Bay Window During Skim Coat Restored Bay Window in Chapel



Newbury Parkway   2012
Bramshill House   2011
Amport House, Andover   2011
All Saints Church   2010

GAP, Cheltenham   2010
Cheltenham Ladies College   2009   
Civic Leeds for Laing O’Rourke   2007.
Capesthorne Hall Chapel       2002
Burlington Arcade. Piccadilly, London         2001   
Survey and evaluation for repair of lime plaster walls within shop units. Followed by the repairs within operating High class retailers.

Oxford and Cambridge Club, Smoking room. Pall Mall.    

Lime repair to internal walls.

Newark Park. Gloucestershire         1998   

External Hydraulic Lime render to match existing exactly.

Windsor Castle.         1996               

Lime works to Equerries Staircase, the oldest surviving element of the Castle.

CHIJ, Church of the Holy Infant Jesus, Singapore.  1996

Lime repair trials for restoration of 600 modelled capitals around the Convent.

Welbeck College. Newark.   1996   

Restoration of “Sunken” Ballroom cornice in run lime onto lath the largest run cornice undertaken to date.

Barlaston Hall, Staffordshire.    1995          

Full restoration of all principal rooms with in-situ run cornices to lathed brackets and hand modelled enrichments to most areas.

Knowle Hall, Solihull                        

Lime in-situ repairs to façade and entrance

YHA. Carter Lane, St Paul’s    1993

Scraffito technique panel repairs to mate in with surviving elements on the external elevations of the ex choir school building. Carried out in various grades of coloured sand lime coatings cut away to give two tone cartoons.

Hardwick Old Hall, Nr Sheffield.       (National Trust)    1991

Lime Grouts of detached Tudor plasterwork combined with steel pinning restraint systems.

Sutton Scarsdale. Nr Chesterfield.   (English Heritage)   1991

Consolidation and protection to listed monument with Lime grouting to hollow plasterwork, tile hooding, and lime wash coating.

Brodsworth, Nr Doncaster. (English Heritage)  1990

In-situ lime run cornice repairs.

New Parliamentary Buildings. Westminster.   1988           

Full refurbishment of Early Georgian ceilings incorporating all salvaged materials to reinstate original schemes.

Wilton House, Salisbury.  1987        

Restoration of Cube and Double cube rooms, plus in-situ Lime run cornice.

Shugborough Hall.  Stafford (National Trust)

Reinstatement of fallen ceiling moulding recreating the exact profile before collapse with traditional materials incorporating salvaged original material. 1987

Llancaiach Fawr. Wales.   1987                     

Full internal reinstatement of 3 storey medieval manor house with split oak lath, produced by Hayles & Howe, re plastered with Haired Lime/sand mixes in the traditional manner

Royal Fort House, Bristol.    1984 

Reinstatement of Flemish modelled creatures to staircase.






Hayles and Howe are specialists in the use of Lime Plaster and have been 
involved in many prestigious Lime Restoration and Conservation projects.
Hayles and Howe - Lath and Lime Plaster Repairs



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