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Cornices / Crown Mouldings
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Cornices / Crown Mouldings

The wide range of Hayles & Howe standard ornamental, fibrous plaster cornice covers most requirements but cornices can always be custom-made to suit a particular room.  Please note that there are 5 pages of cornice with approximately 20 cornices on each page, please click on the thumbnails for a larger view of each item.

Standard range Cornices sold in three metre lengths and subject to 20% VAT

This website offers payment for cornice only and does not include delivery or handling charges. If you wish to use the website shop to pay for your cornice and would also like your cornice delivered to your home/site please phone 0117 972 7200 for shipping charges or tick the call to arrange for shipping payment button on the website shipping page.

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HH115 Winchester Flower & Reed Cornice
287mm x 150mm x 3m (11.3 in x 5.9 in x 118 in)
HH114 Winchester Wand & Water Leaf Cornice
202mm x 103mm x 3m (7.9 in x 4.06in x 118 in) Ceiling Trace optional
HH112 Large Georgian with Egg & Dart Cornice
225mm x 152mm x 3m (8.85in x 6.0in x 118in)
HH111 Georgian with Dentils & Flute Cornice
145mm x 150mm x 3m (5.7in x 5.9in x 118in)
HH108 Large Enriched Georgian Cornice
375mm x 350mm x 3m (14.8in x 13.8in x 118in)
HH113 Large Mixed Exotica Cornice
340mm x 300mm x 3m (13.85in x 11.8in x 118in)
HH110 Enriched Georgian with hand applied leaves Cornice
147mm x 141mm x 3m (5.8in x 4.5in x 118in)
HH23 Fluted Frieze Cornice
99mm x 41mm x 3m (3.9in x 1.62in x 118in)
HH69 Anthemion and Urn Scroll Cornice
220mm x 85mm x 3m (6.2in x 3.3in x 118in)
HH106 Fluted Enriched Cornice
210mm x 44mm x 3m (8.3in x 1.7in x 118in)
HH88 Georgian Large Enriched Coving
320mm x 320mm x 3m (12.5in x 12.5in x 118in)
HH87 Regency Block Cornice
345mm x 110mm x 3m (13.5in x 4.3in x 118in)
HH86 Prince of Wales Cornice
375mm x 135mm x 3m (14.7in x 5.3in x 118in)
HH84 Georgian Gryphon Cornice with Double Leaf
315mm x 90mm x 3m (12.4in x 3.5x 118in)
HH83 French Scroll Cornice with French Leaf
430mm x 124mm x 3m (16.9in x 4.8in x 118in)
HH82 Large Plain Running Cornice
342mm x 197mm x 3m (13.4in x 7.7in x 118in)
HH81 French Leaf and Fruit Scroll Cornice
320mm x 110mm x 3m (12.5in x 4.3in x 118in)
HH80 Arched Gothic Cornice
460mm x 280mm x 3m (18.1in x 11.0in x 118in)
HH105 Lattice Cove Cornice
252mm x 208mm x 3m (9.9in x 8.1in x 118in)
HH79 Canted Strapwork Cornice
260mm x 155mm x 3m (10.2in x 6.1in x 118in)
The Wide range of Hayles & Howe standard ornamental, 
fibrous plaster cornice 
covers most requirements but cornices can always be custom-
made to 
suit a particular room.
Cornices / Crown Mouldings



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